This Month At Camelot Spa – November 2017


It’s the beginning of yet another month and summer is not very finally here. For the month of November, we bring you two pamper options for you to enjoy alone or with someone special.

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This Month At Camelot Spa – August 2017

It’s a brand new month here at Camelot Spa and we’re looking forward to another amazing month of pampering. Before we get into the details of what to look forward to this August, we would like to take this moment to thank you for your support during the World Luxury Spa Awards and we are happy to announce that we have been awarded the Luxury Destination Spa Award for the Southern African Region. 

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Camelot Spa – Gaborone 

Last Saturday, I spent two agonizing hours capturing my clients heavenly experience at the Camelot Spa at the Grand Palm in Gaborone – agonizing because I had to take photos of them experiencing pure bliss. Camelot Spa is a world class franchise that has centered themselves at only the grandest hotels around the globe. Tucked neatly away, off the corridor connecting the Peermont Walmont to the GICC you will be whisked away into a cool haven. The air is light and crisp and smells of sweet soft toffee. The decor is rich in coppery and gold tones and textures, there are pink and white orchids in contemporary vases at every turn and the staff are the most congenial and patient I have ever met in Botswana – truly a world class reception. Camelot Spa uses Thalgo products imported from France to give even the most discerning of clients a life…

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My Spa Experience – Medihand Manicure

I was  with a few friends recently  having our usual rand conversations and I am not entirely sure how we got to this topic but we got into a discussion about nails and nail care. One of them pointed out a habit that I think I also need to break… Perhaps you do too… He said that he has noticed that sometimes he just lets his nails grow out of control… Perhaps you do too… He said that he has noticed that sometimes he just lets his nails grow out of control… well maybe not that bad but you get the idea…  He says that it coincidentally dawns on him how bad his situation is when there is a young lady around… To be quite frank with you, this has happened to me before and it is quite embarrassing. I mean lets be honest, no girl likes a guy with long and presumably dirty finger nails. The thing with it though is that you keep telling yourself that you will get it taken care of but for reasons I also do not understand, you just don’t get it sorted or you do but all wrong. Continue reading