My First Time

Ever since I started working for the spa as their social media guy,  I have always been very curious about and wanted to get a taste of the Camelot Spa experience. For the past 4 and a half months I have made it my life’s mission to get people excited about the stuff that is going on at the spa and more importantly to create a desire to come and get a treatment or two in that individual who for whatever reason, like myself had not yet gotten a spa treatment. Today’s post is a personal experience of what my first time getting a massage at a spa.

As all first times go, I really did not know what to expect. To be perfectly honest with you I was really nervous thinking of all the things that could go wrong… Don’t get me wrong I was also excited at the prospect of getting my first massage at Camelot Spa, an award winning luxury spa even… You should know though that generally I do not have any real body image issues but the thought of being seen by a stranger without clothes was just nerve wrecking. Not that I would be completely naked, a level of modesty is always preserved for these things… I guess I just couldn’t help but feel a little self-conscious it being my first time and all. I knew  from the moment I made the booking  though that after the massage, I would never be the same again.  Part I was really Thinking of what it would feel like and all the things that would go wrong.

In preparation for my pamper session, I did some research about my massage treatment of choice “the Camelot Universal”. I did this just to get an idea of what I was getting myself into and also to put my mind at ease.

The moment I walked into the spa I was greeted as the girls at the spa usually do at reception… smiles and all. I was asked to take a seat then one of the therapists guided me to the men’s change room, showed me the lockers and gave me a key with specific instruction to keep it in my person until I was done with the treatment. The men’s change room can only be described as luxurious complete with  a wall mounted plasma tv, a very comfortable couch, carpeting, showers, and a toilet; basically the stuff one would expect of a luxury spa. After I had changed into the robe and slippers I found ready waiting for me in the locker, the therapist attending to me that day came in and guided me to another room called the relax room. There she offered me one of the specialty teas to help me relax (it appears to have worked) as well as a very standard consultation form to fill out thereafter she escorted me  to the treatment room (room 4) which is downstairs.


In the  treatment room, the therapist instructed me on how to get on the massage table… face down and under the towels. She then left the room while I disrobed got under the towels face down as instructed. She then came back in and proceeded to uncover parts of the towels leaving most of my back completely bare and continued with the Camelot Universal Massage.  In case you were wondering though this is a combination of hot stone, kahuna, Balinese and Indian Head massage techniques. It incorporates the use of Camelot Spa’s unique candle. The fragrances and softness of your skin from this massage lingers in your mind long after you have left the spa.

IMG_20150225_113128 edit

At the beginning of the massage I had moments where I felt a bit self-conscious but as the therapist continued to massage away my back, neck shoulders, legs and feet, placing the hot stones in what I can assume are my pressure points, I became more receptive to the experience. I felt more at ease, the tension and stress I had been carrying for months just fade away as the hour long massage ended. The therapist in ending my pamper session told me that we are done then she once again left the room and I put back on the robe and slippers and walked back upstairs to the change room where I was offered a glass of refreshing juice. I still feel at peace now, am no longer as exhausted as I usually felt after a long day at the office and more open to doing other treatments as well.

Doing something for the first time can be very nerve wrecking but it can also be very rewarding as well. If there is anything you can take away from my personal experience, it is that there is great reward in letting yourself go a bit and get a massage at Camelot Spa. If you have any questions about the Camelot Universal massage or just want to find out what we have on offer, just give us a call or come to the spa. We are located between the Grand Palm Hotel and the GICC.

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3 thoughts on “My First Time

  1. Heather Power says:

    I go once a month for a leg wax and pedicure, there is no doubt the staff there, from maid through to receptionists right up to the beauticians (I always have Gaone, she understands i like a quiet experience!) are all absolutely excellent; they all greet me with smiles, and my name. My one and only complaint, and no fault of the excellent staff, is that there is no pool/ jacuzzi/ sauna/ steam room; I’d love to spend a day there having the whole spa day out thing!

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