Spa Experiences – Goitse’s First Time (Swedish Massage)


One of the things I enjoy the most about being part of the Camelot Spa family is experiencing the world class treatments and of course sharing them with you.  I especially enjoy hearing about other people’s first time experiences and so today I want to share one of those stories.

The following  is  my friend Goitse’s first time experience…

Shine 100%

Shine 100%

Forgive me, but this is going to be a rather lengthy story because well, we black folks love telling long stories 😂

So I love the idea of giving a massage. As for receiving one, not very much. I don’t know why but the thought of it always made me cringe, all that touching and groping with oils and creams lol. I disclosed this to a close friend of mine who was shocked I had never indulged in a massage treat. (Yes, not even at the hands of a boyfriend😐) Let’s just say he decided a spa treat will be what he will get me for my birthday.


This is how it went…. you can imagine how much of a nerve wreck I was those couple of minutes before… But LORD!!! I love all nice the changing room with the carpet that felt amazing on my feet, the huge mirrors and the serene atmosphere. They brought in a cup of fancy tea which I don’t remember the taste, again, nerves… 😉

We were shown the room… Took off our gowns, lay  face down and waited for the masseuse, and then it started… It felt weird at first because you see I am a township type of girl. You know how first timers are 😂😂😂 that weird, awkward, makes you feel shy, feels good but you are too busy trying to react right and being too conscious about your body type of thing…You know the feeling am talking about, we have all been there😂😂 so I guess I was glad it was a woman, not a man..😂😂

Eventually I relaxed into it.. She did my upper body-back, neck, shoulders and arms….she then moved to my thighs and legs and this is where I wanted to burst into laughter cz it was ticklish.. But I didn’t, can’t have her and others ( because you know we talk about our clients-spa, restaurant and hotel staff, they are the highlight of the day after all, was a waitress so I know what am talking about😂😂) so I handled myself very well haha.

She asked me to lie on my back and she massaged my arms, thighs and legs again…
Her hands were gentle and the oils just made the experience amazing… Had me mad at myself for not trying this whole massage thing before… OMG, it felt good..

When I was done, I went to the changing room, took a couple of selfies (first timer tendencies) 😂😂 then took the most amazing, to die for, hot shower…I say to die for because that shower after a massage done right feels out of this world, you feel lighter, rejuvenated, stress free, Like your hormones are happy without the work of getting laid… like God, Moses, the angels and saints made a group effort to get you to feel that good…

That was my first, definitely won’t be the last massage… It was a Swedish massage…
I highly recommend you to try it, you will thank me☺☺💆🏾😘

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