My Spa Experience – Hot Stone Massage Treatment


A lot can be said of the hot stone massage; its origins as wells  as the physical and psychological benefits to the human body… today’s post is not one of those explanations. Indulge me if you will as I take you on a journey of discovery and give you a glace into my experience of this massage therapy.

At this point we can safely say that I have become more accustomed to getting spa treatments… especially massages. Despite my comfort levels with this stuff that most guys consider to be something for women only, I sometimes can’t help but feel a little bit nervous when getting ready for my spa appointments.  If I am to be perfectly honest I spend a fair amount of time getting ready before each visit and this time was no different. I booked the appointment a few days earlier which gave me time to get  ready , get rid of the nerves and all that. You must know that I had invited a friend to come experience this massage with me and I am hoping to share her experience with you soon.

The day of my hot stone massage experience, it was as if the heavens knew what day it was. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect. As usual after checking in I went to change into the robes and proceeded to the relax room and then the treatment room. My therapist on this day was Lindi who instructed me to disrobe and get under the sheet face down on the massage bed as she left the room. As instructed I disrobed and got on the bed and waited for the massage to begin.

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Lindi came back into the room and I was ready to receive or should I say experience this massage. As expected the started out asking questions and making sure I was comfortable. I remember her saying that I should relax… Side note, I thought I was relaxed… evidently I wasn’t so she guided me in a little breathing exercise, inhaling and exhaling until I was more relaxed. She started with my back massaging from the upper back down to the lower back with massage oils that had a rather beautiful aroma. This went on for a few minutes and then she placed two preheated basalt rocks on my back and ooh that felt so good. Although I must say I was a little concerned about the hot stones accidentally falling off… that would have been really embarrassing.

The massage continued on with her massaging me with the hot stones… at this point I was just in heaven!!! It felt really good!!! I don’t quite recall much about the many places my mind went during the massage but I do remember the good feeling of the heat from the rocks penetrating into my body. The back pain that I had going into the massage (mostly due to my bad posture when I’m at my office… I need to work on that…) just slowly disappeared. The massage continued with her placing more hot stones on parts of my back and then covering my back with the towel and then continued on to massaging my legs and feet.

She wiped my feet at some point and I was so ticklish and wanted to laugh but I focused on letting go and relaxing and not embarrassing myself by bursting out in laughter. She continued to massage my legs and placing the stones strategically on the back of my legs. I can not say this enough… it felt real good… but then again massages feel that way for me. She also placed one stone in each palm of my hands, that felt a little weird at first but like I said I was committed to really experiencing this massage therapy. Each time as the stones cooled down she would remove them and pace them in what sounded like a container with water in it and I can only assume that is how she kept them at that really good temperature.

When she was done with my back she lifted up the towel and she asked me to turn around and lie on my back, which I did. She covered my eyes with something am not sure what it was… to be honest I was just sleepy from all that enjoying the back massage. She continued the process as she did with my back including massaging my head which is always a great thing, my neck, shoulder and my legs got some of that action as well. Before you know it an hour had elapsed and Lindi put my slippers back on while I was still on the bed and told me to take it easy for the rest of the day and of course stay hydrated.

After the massage I felt like the weight on my shoulders had just been lifted, the stress and fatigue I had been carrying for weeks had disappeared. In a word I felt REBORN. I went and took the most amazing shower as I usually do after a spa treatment.

I strongly recommend you try it yourself; it only costs BWP 600.00 and an hour of your day… Trust me you wont regret it… I know I am definitely going back for more… 😉


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2 thoughts on “My Spa Experience – Hot Stone Massage Treatment

  1. Tshepo says:

    Absolutely loved the experience myself. Will most certainly be going back. Well done Baldwin, you have created a monster!.. 🙂


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