My Spa Experience – Medihand Manicure

I was  with a few friends recently  having our usual rand conversations and I am not entirely sure how we got to this topic but we got into a discussion about nails and nail care. One of them pointed out a habit that I think I also need to break… Perhaps you do too… He said that he has noticed that sometimes he just lets his nails grow out of control… Perhaps you do too… He said that he has noticed that sometimes he just lets his nails grow out of control… well maybe not that bad but you get the idea…  He says that it coincidentally dawns on him how bad his situation is when there is a young lady around… To be quite frank with you, this has happened to me before and it is quite embarrassing. I mean lets be honest, no girl likes a guy with long and presumably dirty finger nails. The thing with it though is that you keep telling yourself that you will get it taken care of but for reasons I also do not understand, you just don’t get it sorted or you do but all wrong.

As luck would have it, my spa adventures took that direction. Once again I found myself having let my nails grow a tad bit out of control, but then again I was saving myself for my very first professional manicure and pedicure. Yes I went to get both done at the same time!! If you were following our twitter feed recently you may have come across some of the thoughts we shared about men and taking care of their hands and feet. I think maybe it’s a guy thing but most guys have the wrong idea at the mere mention of manicure, pedicure, mani-pedi. They think sparkly nails, nail polish and nail extensions but that isn’t the case. Which is why I decided to take one for the team to get a #ManlyManicure.

Here at Camelot Spa, there is a wide range of manicure and pedicure options to choose from and I decided that I will try the MediHand manicure.


As per usual, made bookings for one Tuesday afternoon at 15:00 hrs if I remember correctly… Checked in 30minutes before just to make sure there is enough time to change into the spa robes, sip on some relaxing tea in the waiting room and go to the mani-pedi station. I had two therapists attending to me, one for the hands and one for the feet. Yes… you read that correctly, I had two ladies pampering me for the day.

We started on my hands with Kelly with her sanitizing her hands and mine then proceeded to  cutting, shaping and buffering my nails. First my right hand then  moving  on to my left.  She attended to each finger nail with what  I can only describe (in a word) as  a meticulous technique. As she was “manicuring” we chatted a bit and I noticed that this whole time I have been cutting my nails all wrong. For one I didn’t know that you are supposed to leave a bit of the white area of the nail. When she was done with the cutting, shaping and buffering she then applied this other liquid in a nail polish like container, I boldly asked what that was and she tells me that it’s the cuticle remover. She then applied to both hands something called the Elim PH Balancing Hydro Thermal Exfoliant (I know weird name  and feels a tad coarse but is very important) which she applied generously while massaging each hand then rinsed off both hands in water that was just the right temperature.


She proceeded to  soaking the hands in another bowl of clean water with a cleanser for a few minutes, dried them with a towel and gently pushed back back the cutiles, massaging with another product leaving my hands looking and feeling extra soft and glowing. I have been told that I have soft and beautiful hands but after this manicure… MY WORD!!! I don’t think I will ever cut my own nails again!! I am going back for more obviously… ha ha ha

I strongly recommend you try it yourself; it only costs BWP 320.00 and an hour of your day… Trust me you wont regret it…

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